Business Solutions

Hiring Assessments

Make wise hiring decisions with candidate assessments conducted by business psychologists.

Employees can be a great asset or a tremendous liability. The costs of a bad hire can be astronomical – expert candidate evaluation is a wise investment.

Gain insight into candidates’ personality, reasoning skills, strengths, and weaknesses before you decide to hire.

Our business psychologists are expert interviewers and qualified to use just about any pre-employment personality or cognitive assessment available, including the Hogan suite, DISC, Watson-Glaser, and many more.

HR Consulting

Make wise HR decisions for your business.

We advise on HR policy & process, staffing, training, performance management, conflict resolution, leadership development, organizational structure, compliance & risk-management, company culture, employee morale, employee job satisfaction, job roles & responsibilities, workplace politics, workplace bullying, human capital strategy, and more. 

Our consultants have doctoral degrees in psychology, the highest professional certifications in human resources, and a wealth of experience.

Employee Coaching

Strengthen managers and other key employees for greater business success. 

Our doctoral-level business coaches leverage psychometric tools & techniques to empower supervisors, managers, executives, owners, physicians, and other professionals to accelerate achievement.

We develop people’s skills, including management & leadership, interpersonal, teamwork & collaboration, critical thinking, time-management, communication, conflict resolution, influencing, and more.

360 Degree Surveys

Perception can be reality, so it’s wise to know what others perceive.

When done right, 360 degree surveys can help gain insight into what employees and/or customers really think, feel, and perceive about a manager.

Trust, anonymity, confidentiality, objectivity, and other best practices are just a few of the advantages Select Human Resources provides.

Our business psychologists are skilled at asking the right questions in the right way to gather useful data, and then presenting that information in ways that are insightful and easy to understand.

Succession Planning

Are you prepared for the next company owner, president, or CEO? 

Or what would you do if your top manager left tomorrow? Do you have people ready to take on their responsibilities?  

The most successful businesses think-ahead when it comes to staffing and human capital needs.

Select Human Resources can help you develop succession plans, identify high-potential talent within your company, and accelerate their skill development.

Company Surveys

Need to do a survey?

We provide employee opinion & engagement surveys, customer satisfaction & feedback surveys, and just about any other kind of business or research survey.

Select Human Resources uses Qualtrics to develop and fully customize online surveys of the highest quality and ease of use, while maintaining data security standards.

Our business psychologists also have expertise in survey data analysis, interpretation, and presentation to identify and explain insights from survey results.

Business partners walking confidently

Customized to your business

Tailored Solutions

We listen, understand, and then solve.

Each business is unique. One-size-fits-all is not what we’re about.

We’re professional business psychologists that develop customized solutions to fit business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Select HR charges about half of what big HR consulting firms typically cost, while providing the same or better expertise. Our consultants developed their skills by working for the big HR consulting firms. And because we’re a smaller firm, the money we save on operating costs translates into savings for our clients.

Select HR Consulting is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and we provide services worldwide. Much of our work can be conducted conveniently online, saving you logistical costs. When needed, we’re also happy to travel to you. 

Select HR understands how important it is to fill open positions as soon as possible – your business depends on it! We can be available during evenings & weekends to do interviews, respond to urgent matters, etc. Assessments can be completed online at any time. When interviews and assessments are complete, hiring recommendations can be made within a day.

Our consultants have doctoral degrees in psychology, the highest professional certifications in Human Resources, and over fifteen years of experience working with a variety of businesses.

Select HR evaluates employees’ knowledge, skills, abilities, and other attributes required for job success. We do not provide background checks or drug testing – there are many companies offering those services, and we can refer you to them. 

We work with businesses and individuals. Career counseling, job interview preparation, resolving workplace bullying, coaching to get ahead, and much more.

Let’s Work Together

We’re business psychologists specializing in:

  • Psychometric assessment for wise hiring decisions
  • Executive coaching for effective leadership
  • Human Resource consulting for wise people-decisions