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Evaluations conducted by business psychologists with cognitive, personality, and 360 assessments, behavioral interviews and more…

Advice on hiring strategies, management succession planning, company culture and more...

Strengthen managers by developing interpersonal, communication, conflict-management skills and more… 

Solve People-Problems

Make Wise People-Decisions

Our people-assessments protect companies from bad hiring decisions, spanning entry level employees to executive leadership.

We’re business psychologists with special methods to identify and solve people-problems.

Our approach is anchored in research, experience, and proven best practices.

Working with businesses of all sizes and budgets, we provide big consulting firm expertise at lower cost, thanks to our boutique firm structure.

Management & Human Resource Consulting

Gary Dumais, Psy.D., SPHR

Founder of Select HR

In this quick video, Dr. Gary Dumais summarizes what a Business Psychologist is and how he specializes in helping companies make wise hiring decisions.

Dr. Gary Dumais discusses Thought Leadership in Human Resources: HR Fresh Take Philly SHRM Podcast



We've relied on Select HR for years to evaluate Director-level candidates, and do development planning and 360-surveys for our executives. They offer a wide-range of assessments, and tailor to what we need.
Denise Andahazy, Chief Human Resources Officer, IG Design Group Americas, Inc
We chose our new CEO and COO with help from Select HR. They worked with us to identify the kinds of leadership our company needs, develop succession plans, and assess candidates. As a result, our company continues to prosper.
Tony Bartolomeo, former President & CEO, Pennoni

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We’re business psychologists specializing in:

  • Psychometric assessment for wise hiring decisions
  • Executive coaching for effective leadership
  • Human Resource consulting for wise people-decisions