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Assessment for Career Transition

Facilitating Successful Job Transition

The best companies will test you before making a hiring decision (e.g. interviews, leadership skills assessments, etc.). We know what qualities top companies are looking for, as our services are often an integral part of their selection process.

Test with us before you have that “one shot” opportunity with an employer. Preparation is crucial for maximizing your chances. Let us identify your weaknesses and help you to remedy them before they keep you from winning in today’s competitive job market. In addition, we will also identify your strengths and help you to leverage them to promote yourself. Get ahead of the game by having a better understanding about your talents and potential.


Assessment for Career TransitionWe can also help you make a career change by providing the information you need about your aptitudes and interests. Finding a role that fits you is crucial to your happiness and success. With so much hanging in the balance, it is important to make an informed decision.

Our assessment process can be completed online and over the phone to save you valuable time and money. Let us give you an advantage by providing a detailed assessment of your job-related strengths and opportunities for development, complete with targeted recommendations and development plans. We can also work with you on an ongoing basis as a trusted advisor and coach to support you in achieving your career goals.